What to Expect from this Site

I will show you pictures of Fur babies and things I’ve made.  You will see models wearing the craftsbyad designs.  Interesting links and articles that I think you will enjoy.  I’ll dedicate pages to crafts made by others and myself, which will feature items like Quilts, Table Runners, Coin Purses and much, much more.  Really exciting new stuff.  

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products you see just send me a note letting me know what items you are interested in and for what type of dog and I will give you a price.  Or the craft products just let me know.  I will also have another tab “Items For Sale” with prices.  Please give me time I have all these neat ideas in my head and  need to extract it out of my head and put it out there.  Be patient with me.

As time goes on I will replace these pictures with better quality pictures so you can see the details of the product.