Chihuahua – Cooper

Cooper, Chihuahua

This is Cooper the Chihuahua
Male,  4.6 lbs tan in color
He is 9 years old.

Actually I also adopted Cooper.  He also belonged to my daughter.  She bought him with her own money when she was 16 years old.  Contract was written and she was to take care of him till the day he dies.  Well as you can see I am now his momma.  She didn’t have time for him.  Occasionally she says she wants him back.  I say nope he is now my fur baby.  He is very happy living with us.  He has a permanent home and is spoiled rotten just like Rocco and Hiro.  Once again he also bosses Rocco around, poor Rocco.

More to come on Cooper. Today June 10th 2016 he is 11 years old November 12th he will be 12 years old.