craftsbyad Funky Blankets

These are what I call my Funky blankets that I make.  They are around 54″ X 60″ .  I like to use minky fabric for the backing so when you snuggle next to your blanket it will be so soft  and cozy feeling.   I gave these as  birthday gifts to my family members.  The Monster blanket took a while, each embroidered monsters averaged 100 minutes to stitch out.  I purchased them from embroidery Library.  Fabric from various quilt shops, the bulk of the material is from  The Cross is appliqué, notice on the bottom is a karate image and on the top left scissors, she is a hair stylist.

Here is a another blanket I made for my daughter for her birthday called “Camping Funky Blanket”.  The back I also used minky.